Monday, September 30, 2013

The Pleasure Pantry Adult Monthly Subscription Box - September 2013 Unboxing & Photo Gallery Review

The Pleasure Pantry is a $29 a month adult subscription.  They send out an assortment of adult toys, accessories, lingerie and other novelty items to create a fun and sultry evening with your partner. They have partner specific boxes and a bridal box available. Launched July 2013.

Discreet packaging. Reusable Box.  Nice.

This smells amazing!


This will be put to good use, very handy.  Thank you!

Awesome stuff, better than K-Y.  This unfortunately leaked and made a slippery mess!  It wasn't too bad to clean since it was clear.. ha

This is interesting stuff.  It has a tingling effect.

Everything in the box.

       The Pleasure Pantry
       Marking Period: Sept 2013

          Quality Product: A-

          Product Variety: B-

          Packaging & Display: A-
          Theme/Idea: B-

       Total Box Value: Aprox $25+

   Overall Grade: B

Report Card Notes:

My last box had a value of up around $60 so this was a little low side. They still picked out some fun products but did not include any toys this month.  Maybe they do a high dollar then a lower dollar every other month. They do not have a referral program that I am aware of.  This box brought us put it on and rub or put it on and taste it theme!  I really enjoy trying new things and so I appreciate the effort they put into this box to create a theme like this.   They also note that you can customize your box if you email them with preferences which is nice feature to have especially with these types of products where peoples pleasures extremely vary.

If you would like to sign up, let them know Outside of the Box sent you and just click on the link below:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

25% Off Promo Code Available for Bespoke Post - Men's High End Lifestyle Monthly Subscription Box

Bespoke Post is a $45/month men's high end lifestyle box.  Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you’ll get to choose from one of Bespoke Post’s limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme. 

If you want to sign up use code "WINGMAN" to receive 25% off your first box.  Click on the picture below to sign up.

Check out my Bespoke Post Reviews!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

4 Months of PijonBox for $49 = $12.25/Month, Reg $29/Month!! - A College Care Package Subcription Box - Over 50% OFF!! You can too, Check it out! HURRY, ends 9/25

If you want this deal, click here:  LivingSocial PijonBox Deal

PijonBox is a $29 per month college care subscription tailored to needs of recipient plus a delightful surprise every time. They also have an option to select what stage the student/recipient is in.  Crates are stuffed with fun and useful items, like food and snacks, cleaning supplies, grooming and personal hygiene, and more!

Get 4 months of PijonBox for just $49 on this LivingSocial voucher deal = $12.25/Month for 4 months! Expires September 25, 2013.

I JUST bought one for myself and can't wait to see what goodies I get!  One thing I totally LOVED is that you can just redeem the voucher & not worry about getting billed after the subscription is up – you don’t have to enter your credit card information when you redeem it!

♥ Angela

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sample Society by & Allure September 2013 Unboxing Photo Gallery Review & Promo Code - Back to the Basics: Skin Edition

Sample Society by with Allure$15/month. Every month you’ll receive 5 deluxe-sized samples from well known brands, a $15 monthly gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase – when any product from the brands you sampled is included in your order, an exclusive mini-mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure and a bonus one-year subscription to Allure magazine ($12 value). 

Pllleease enter Code "OUTSIDE" if you would like to give me referral credit-I sure would appreciate it!!  ALSO, Code OUTSIDE will get you 20% off of your first order on or any of sister sites but excludes Sample Society box subscription purchases.

Click here to sign up:  Sample Society Sign Up


This month's theme is Back to the Basics: Skin Edition

Everything in the box.

Product Card.  Their product cards are perfect.  This is exactly all of the info that I look for in a product card.

Outer box.  Pretty.

Inner box.  Very pretty reusable box.  Value $1

First glance.

Pulled the tissue paper away.

$15 off $50 purchase.  Must be on something in one of the Sample Society boxes.

Everything as packaged in the box.

Arcon Cranberry Toner, Deluxe Sample, 1 fl. oz., Value $8.72

I have used this a couple times but I don't have my conclusive answer as to whether I love it or not.  It seems to be working well.  

MD Solar Sciences, Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer, ProVention-R Liposome Technology, Deluxe Sample, .08 fl. oz., Value $7.70

I have tried this yet but it really interests me since it uses a new technology that I have never heard of!

Suki Face, Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, Lemongrass extract & natural sugar, Deluxe Sample, .25 fl.oz., Value $2.03

This is what the FIRST barrette I received looked like... Rusted!  Ughhh :( BUT...I contacted Sample Society/Beauty Bar and sent them these pictures.  They responded to the situation by immediately sending me a whole new box.  I was 100% blown away by their customer service.  The new box that they sent had a barrette in great condition!  So I am one happy Sample Society Subscriber!  Below is the new barrette they sent...  I also surprising received two of everything else too!!

Deepa Gurnani Indian hand crafted barrette, Value $45

BioBliss Serum, Lock it in for eyes and face, Deluxe Sample, Value $17.50

I can tell you already, without adding it up, that this is an extremely high value, awesome box!!  Let's see if it made the grade (I know it did!).

       Sample Society

       Marking Period: Sept 2013

          On Trend Product: A
          Box Theme/Story: A+          
          Product Sizes: A+
          Product Quality: A
          Packaging & Display: A+
          Referral Program: C+              
          Value for Dollar: A+

       Box Value: Aprox $81

   Final Grade: A

Report Card Notes:

The would have easily gotten an A+... if only they had a better referral program!!  They make referrals enter your unique code at checkout.  This is fine if they offer a discount with the code but they don't and so referrals don't enter your code at checkout even though they are referred by you.  It is a bummer.  Besides that, WOW, what an excellent month.   I just realized that the theme was "Back to the Basics: Skin Edition" and that they include a simple 4 step face skincare regime which I (now that I know) am going to try, starting tonight!  Finally, a theme for a beauty box that is REAL and works!   I am even more excited because they say Skin "Edition" which may mean that there will be more "editions" to come.  I can't wait to try the super 4 step skin care regime!! I love that they packaged a box together this way.  They say you get what you pay for so we shall see if these high dollar products are worth the cha-ching!  The packaging and branding is well put together and classy.  I love the black with silver accents.  The value for dollar was extremely high this month!  They blew away Birchbox and ipsy and all the others in this price range!  I can't wait to try all of the skin care products together and I love the barrette.  The barrette is perfect to secure my super fast and messy back of the head (or side) loose buns.  Also, I got two of everything... so that is doubly exciting for me!

What do you think of this month's box??

If you want to sign up Pllleease enter Code "OUTSIDE" if you would like to give me referral credit-I sure would appreciate it!!  ALSO, Code OUTSIDE will get you 20% off of your first order on or any of sister sites but excludes Sample Society box subscription purchases.

Click here to sign up:  Sample Society Sign Up

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BirchBox - September 2013 - Heritage - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box Photo Gallery Review

BirchBox is a $10 a Month women's beauty & lifestyle subscription box.  Every month, you'll receive a box filled with beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples from both up-and-coming and well known brands. Each delivery will include a mix of categories, as well as lifestyle items. Samples are generously sized, with enough product to allow you to figure out if they're right for you. 

This one is so much fun and has a low guilt factor since it is only $10 a month!!

Outer box, pretty.

Inner box, Reusable box, Value $1

First Glance inside of the box.

This month's theme is Heritage and it is Birchbox's anniversary!!  Let's see if their box matches their theme... I know that it sure as heck didn't last month.

Cute saying.

Second Glance

Third Glance

Mereadesso, All-In-One Moisturizer, .4 Fl. Oz., Value $28

Wholly moley that is some expensive moisturizer.. I haven't tried it yet but now I am excited!!

Glam Natural Cream Blush, 3 foil packets in Sun Kissed, Barely There & You Make Me Blush, Value $4.80  

I have tried this blush before in a sample that I received from one of many boxes and honestly, it sucked!  It just did not work.  It didn't stay, it just rubbed around and felt greasy and disgusting on my face. Yuk on these, Yuckyyyyyyy!  Maybe is was just a bad sample or color... who knows!

UPDATE 9/27/13:  I have now sampled this blush in barely there and it is AWESOME. A perfect dewy finish.  I do believe that the sample I previously received WAS damaged!.  It does feel a tad greasy but the color and look is amazing.

These came in the blue Birchbox cardboard container.  Beauty Protector, Protect & Shampoo & Protect & Condition Conditioner Deluxe Samples, Value $5.50

Ruffian Nail Polish in Hedge Fund, Full Size .17 fl. oz., Value $10

Swatch,  This is one coat and is almost opaque, pretty impressive.  It applied pretty nicely but it was not the best I have seen.  It is a pretty dark moss green with golden shimmer undertones.

UPDATE 9/27/13:  After completing my birchbox review on this nail polish it seems that they were wanting to promote their nail polish brush handle.  I honestly did not like the handle at all. It felt clumsy and awkward in my finger tips.

Everything in the box.  Let's see how it adds up!!


       Marking Period: Sept 2013

          On Trend Product: B-
          Box Theme/Story: C-          
          Product Sizes: B+
          Product Quality: B-
          Packaging & Display: A
          Referral Program: C+              
          Value for Dollar: A-

       Box Value: Aprox $49

   Final Grade: B-

Report Card Notes:

Heritage was theme and it was their anniversary month...  No special anniversary gift?  I would have liked this box to be bigger and louder since it was their Birthday Box!! I can't wait to try the super expensive all-in-one moisturizer by Mereadesso!!  They say you get what you pay for so we shall see if it's worth the cha-ching!  The packaging and branding is well put together but being their Birthday should have been a bigger deal...Popsugar , for instance, sent everyone a Gorjana $65+ gold plated necklace for their birthday... The value for dollar was a little higher this month all thanks to the Mereadesso moisturizer and I am glad to see their monthly value go up since ipsy  has been kicking their butt lately.  The shampoo and condition by Beauty Protector are nice but nothing special really.  The full size nail polish was a nice treat but of course it was in a weird golden green color that I already have.  I WISH they would have sent a more on trend color.  The GlamNatural creme blush does not work, plain and simple.  At least the last sample I received didn't.  So they are most likely useless.  I wander if boxes try the products before they promote them... They do have a referral  program but it is not the best...The points that you earn can not be used on the monthly subscription fee which I think is b.s. This box didn't bring me too much exciting this month besides the moisturizer.. I will have to fill you in on that one.  Step it up Birchbox!!  Send me some fun stuff already!!  I still love Birchbox and I still recommend it but I think we just need a little spoiling!

If you want to sign up click on the handy dandy picture below:

♥ Angela