Friday, July 5, 2013

Splendies June 2013 Review & Promo Code for $4 off of Your First Box

Splendies is a sister company to Volupties  and is a $12/month underwear subscription service.  Each month you’ll receive 3 pairs of quality underwear from well-known brands delivered to your door.  This is my favorite underwear subscription because you receive a nice variety and they are all a great quality!

If you want to sign up use code "OUTSIDE" & get your first month for $8!!

Show me the undies!!

Victoria's Secret PINK Seamless Bikini Panty - Value $10.50

Vision Lace Cheeky Panty - Aprox Value $4

Jennifer Intimates G String Thong Underwear - Value $7


The variety!! That is what I have been looking for!  The VS Pink stole the show since they are my personal favs!!  I love that they also sent a daring pair of G string thongs..

Didn't Love

The packaging... It was plain and didn't have that fancy, I am special feel.  I have been in contact with the company and they are working on it!!  The Vision brand red lace undies, though they are size Large, they ran small and so they didn't fit... I think that is something that all undie subscription companies need to look at.  If the larges run small perhaps it would be more appropiate to put them in a medium box or even go my measurements rather than size.  It's not Splendies fault, it is just the nature of the beast!!  Underwear sizes are all over the place!


I am keeping this subscription because I know every month will bring something new and exciting and I can't wait to see what they have in store as far as packaging as well!  I spent $8 (normally $12) and received $21.50 in panties.  I recommend Splendies for anyone who likes variety in their underwear drawer!!

If you want to sign up use code "OUTSIDE" & get your first month for $8!!

♥ Angela